Mission Statement & Vision


Stichting Op–Nieuw / 2wieleracademie

Is a special organization that provides services in the field of Social Activation, practical training courses and intensive guidance with the main goal of training as a bicycle mechanic, for example.

We also set the goal that our participants develop more self-confidence and self-esteem.

We also have training company certificates for all the courses mentioned. Mission, passion and integrity are bundled to offer people better opportunities and prospects during the process to participate in the labor market.

That is why we take people who need extra support by the hand. In the long term, together, we look for suitable work with the aim of achieving a sustainable and structural return to work.

Our starting point is that everyone must and may participate in our society at his / her level.  We strive for paid work, based on the idea that this is nowadays also appreciated by employer, employee and government.


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We do not buy bicycles from private individuals!